Fashion Show Of Vyacheslav Zaitsev's Collection "Nostalgia" At MBFWR - Activities Of The V. Zaitsev Fashion House

Fashion Show Of Vyacheslav Zaitsev's Collection "Nostalgia" At MBFWR - Activities Of The V. Zaitsev Fashion House
Fashion Show Of Vyacheslav Zaitsev's Collection "Nostalgia" At MBFWR - Activities Of The V. Zaitsev Fashion House

Video: Fashion Show Of Vyacheslav Zaitsev's Collection "Nostalgia" At MBFWR - Activities Of The V. Zaitsev Fashion House

Video: Fashion Show Of Vyacheslav Zaitsev's Collection "Nostalgia" At MBFWR - Activities Of The V. Zaitsev Fashion House
Video: Zaitsev inunda con su magia la semana de la moda rusa 2023, March

The show program of one of the most prestigious Russian fashion weeks traditionally opens with a new collection by Vyacheslav Zaitsev. Preparation for the fashion show begins long before the start of the fashion show. After rehearsal on the catwalk, an impressive team of L'Oreal Professional stylists from the Maya salon chain seated models at a huge make-up table, reminiscent of a production conveyor. Vyacheslav Zaitsev supervises the training of each of the 86 models, explaining: “Make is always classic. I am based on the YSL style of the 1960s: the accentuated line of the eyes, the whitened face and bright red lipstick."

The maestro continues to evaluate ready-to-show models, not disregarding the top model of her latest shows, Alisa Krylova. Twice certified economist, “The Face of Versace”, “Mrs. Moscow”, “Mrs. Russia”, “Mrs. World”, and now a successful Hollywood actress, believes that meeting the master dramatically changed her life: “For me, Vyacheslav Mikhailovich is not only a teacher, a spiritual mentor, but also a friend and a father. I take part in Vyacheslav Mikhailovich's shows with pleasure, which I could not have imagined when I was a little girl and watched the magical performances of my favorite fashion designer on TV. I couldn't have imagined that I would receive the title of "Mrs. World" performing in his unique museum dress. Vyacheslav Mikhailovich is a professional of the highest level, he participates in all stages of the preparation of the show. He helps everyone, and gives many a path to life. He is very wise and tactful, he inspires people, forcing them to believe in themselves, which helps to achieve the highest goal."

To the sounds of a vocal performance by the "Olympic voice of Russia" Maria Bulavina on the themes of Russian folk songs and the popular musical direction r'n'b, first presented at the last Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New York, the show of the "Nostalgia" collection began with the black and white classics of the office clothing, saying hi to the stock exchange from Wall Street. The assorted wide-shoulder blouses were complemented by high-waisted skirts accentuated by a silk belt and elegant cropped skinny pants. Following the girls from the office, young men appear on the catwalk in stylish suits of an adjacent silhouette, complete with pullovers decorated with geometric prints.

The next group of young people presented evening sets of jacquard and gray brocade with contrasting lining. The solemnity of the moment was emphasized by top hat. Also laconic and uncompromisingly elegant were the extraordinary three-tiered hats-lampshades, adding a note of piquancy to a women's business suit in a small gray check. And when the girls in monochrome short coats and skirts of the classic length of lime color, tea rose, orange, coral and saffron came out on the podium, the audience gasped with delight!

Further, increasing the degree of emotional stress, “okay” appeared on the catwalk in multi-layered dresses made of luxurious Ivanovo chintz, which were replaced by models in tunic dresses with Slavic geometric patterns, which were repeated in contrasting tights. The color of the folk costume was replaced by snow-white sewing dresses for the prom, trimmed with lace. The perky tunes about the depressing statistics about the shortage of the male population were replaced by a cheerful march of young people in jackets with short sleeves, vests and shorts in a bright cage.

The next hit of the collection was a group of women's models, consisting of bright suits, bags and umbrellas made of raincoat fabrics with a plant print. A group of cocktail and evening dresses in gray crepe were adorned with original compositions of flowers and feathers. The models of the Riga designer Irina Koshakova organically fit into the collection of Vyacheslav Zaitsev thanks to the exquisite gray-beige range of colors and unusual author's methods of jersey processing.

Continuing the theme of folk costume in modern fashion, young men in shirts made from Pavlovo Posad shawls belted with leather belts, and girls in bright blouses, sun skirts with lace underskirts appeared on the catwalk.

A group of evening gowns of glittering lamé and lurex knitted fabrics, competing in the complexity of draperies, completed the show. Alisa Krylova in a black top with a dizzying neckline, in a skirt of a million black roses and with a fantastic decoration in her hair made of straw and feathers represented the image of a fairy fairy. An exquisite black and white check silk evening dress with a draped bodice and a huge bow crowning a magnificent train, a reference to the historical costume.

An original silk ensemble with digital printing of huge scarlet roses showcased the achievements of modern technology. Marusya Zaitseva in a gray knitted dress with straps seemed too modest. However, an attentive glance could catch the most complex circular drapery, which the maestro lovingly wrapped around the girl's slender waist, making an unforgettable masterpiece out of a simple dress. The final chord of the collection was the appearance of the bride in a multilayer ensemble of milk color and aged gold made of silk fabrics with various floral prints, trimmed with different grades of lace. The graceful head of the bride was crowned with an amazing headdress made of artificial flowers.

The famous designer and TV presenter Sergei Sysoev in an interview with IA SlavZaitsev noted: “The genius of Slava Zaitsev is always recognizable. The collection featured things from my student days, when I went to Zaitsev's shows and was absolutely delighted. For me, this is the highest skill, very close, out of time and context. I also really liked the idea of repeating the fabric ornament on the tights made by the Smolensk hosiery factory. Vyacheslav Mikhailovich always supports domestic producers and this is very important! I also liked the find: one print in a suit, bag and accessories. This is the future."

The popular TV presenter Aurora shared her impressions of the new collection: “Vyacheslav Mikhailovich is a magnificent person with an amazing sense of taste, style and humor, which is striking in life! As for the collection, then, as always, the SlavaZaitsev brand has shown itself to be at its best. We saw an appraisal of the 1980s and Russian motifs in the form of Pavlovo Posad shawls. The collection presents new trends, including monochrome outfits. Everything was cool, very beautiful and truly magical, as it should be at a fashion show."

Show partner companies: headwear factory "Grimoire", company "Galantika", Smolensk hosiery factory, firms LISKA, "ECONIKA", salon "Flowers and Fashion", firm "Optics and Fashion".

Slav Zaitsev news agency. Photo by Vadim Elistratov.

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