What Questions Should You Ask Yourself And Your Doctor Before Undergoing An Aesthetic Surgery? - International Awards Blog

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What Questions Should You Ask Yourself And Your Doctor Before Undergoing An Aesthetic Surgery? - International Awards Blog
What Questions Should You Ask Yourself And Your Doctor Before Undergoing An Aesthetic Surgery? - International Awards Blog

Video: What Questions Should You Ask Yourself And Your Doctor Before Undergoing An Aesthetic Surgery? - International Awards Blog

Video: What Questions Should You Ask Yourself And Your Doctor Before Undergoing An Aesthetic Surgery? - International Awards Blog
Video: Top Questions to Ask your Surgeon Before Surgery By Dr. Charepoo At Mia Aesthetics 2023, March

Any surgical correction of the external appearance, as a rule, leads to significant changes in various aspects of the patient's life. Therefore, before finally deciding on an operation, it is worth getting as much reliable information as possible from a specialist about the upcoming intervention

Taking into account many years of practical experience, we have compiled an approximate list of questions that by asking themselves, a potential patient will be able to make the right decision before starting to look for "their" plastic surgeon and make a choice in favor of a particular aesthetic operation.

What is the real reason for my desire to undergo aesthetic surgery?

Often, the desire to change your appearance is dictated by a rapidly changing fashion, the desire to imitate an idol or someone's unflattering remark thrown at us - these are far from all reasons that are not a reason to go under the surgeon's knife in the heat! Fashion is changeable, idols come and go, grievances over time are erased from memory forever. Should you succumb to an emotional impulse and change your own Uniqueness, putting at risk the priceless Health? The question is extremely dubious …

- How many people do you know whose appearance is truly "classically" beautiful?

- How often are there impeccable beauties or handsome men among the truly Successful and Talented?

- How will your life qualitatively change after the operation?

- What will you become in the new image?

- What can you afford, having acquired a new appearance?

- What does the concept of "Happiness" mean to you and is it connected with your appearance?

Ask yourself as many of these questions as possible, this will help you understand why the thought about the operation arose, how important it is for you, whether you are ready to make an informed decision, which, in consequence, you will not regret.

What result do I expect to get after the surgery? Is it realistic?

It happens that when going to an aesthetic operation, a patient requires and expects absolutely supernatural results: a complete absence of traces of the operation the very next day, an exorbitant increase in shapes and volumes contrary to the laws of Nature and Medicine, sometimes they are asked to change sex in 2-3 hours of operation. Having become firmly established in your desire to make an aesthetic correction, be prepared that already at the first consultation a conscientious doctor will dispel your expectations. It's worth listening to! The surgeon is on Harry Potter and will not change your appearance "at the behest of the pike." Any serious business requires a serious scientific approach and time, these are the laws of REAL Life that must be taken into account.

Do I really need an aesthetic surgery at this time?

Can I afford it now?

Aesthetic operations are the methods that should be used as a last resort, when all possible minimally invasive techniques and cosmetic procedures have been tried. First of all, the operation is a very serious test for the human body; then, the cost of one aesthetic surgery often exceeds the cost of an intensive cosmetology course. The rehabilitation period after any aesthetic surgery takes a certain amount of time and requires rather long-term restrictions

Think, are you ready for such conditions when choosing aesthetic surgery?

Will I receive support from my loved ones at all stages of the operation?

What is their point of view on aesthetic surgery in general and my choice in particular?

It is known that the patient's recovery after surgery is much faster and more successful in the conditions of support and approval from relatives and close friends. Often, aesthetic corrections are a rather intimate topic that not everyone is ready to share, and therefore they try to hide the fact of the operation from their environment. In any case, when going for an aesthetic operation, it is worth enlisting the support of at least one close person: discuss your plans in advance, listen to a friendly opinion, pay special attention to possible criticism - all this will help you make the right decision regarding the operation and reasonably organize the pre- and postoperative period.

Am I aware of all the possible risks and complications that may arise?

This is a separate topic that requires a very serious approach. Discuss all the possible risks and complications associated with the upcoming surgery at the first consultation with the surgeon. Ask for details on how to prepare for surgery to reduce the risk of complications. Be sure to tell the doctor about your existing chronic diseases, the operations you have undergone and allergic reactions known to you - this will greatly help to draw up a successful operation plan and select adequate anesthesia. Pay close attention to all the recommendations of the surgeon in the postoperative period, observe the restrictions and their terms. Most of the risks and complications can be avoided by having the correct preparation for the operation and observing the postoperative regimen. In addition to aesthetic surgery, what are the alternative options for non-surgical correction,which can i use? Surgeons joke: "The best operation is the one that is not done."

Ask your surgeon in detail about the alternative methods of the correction you have chosen. It is never too late to resort to aesthetic surgery, the effectiveness of non-surgical cosmetic correction with age will not always be. If the answers to these questions satisfy the patient, you can start looking for a surgeon who will perform an aesthetic operation aimed at solving your problems. It is important not to rush into the choice, since health and life will be in the hands of the chosen doctor. A personal meeting with several plastic surgeons will help you compare the services of different clinics and assess the competence of specialists. At the initial consultation, it is important to ask questions that will help you make a choice in favor of a serious clinic and an experienced doctor. According to the reviews of our already "former" patients, the questionnaire developed by us,helped many to increase the information content of the initial consultation and in the future to make the right choice of the treating surgeon.

Does the clinic have a state license that gives the right to perform aesthetic surgeries?

Does the doctor have a certificate of specialization in plastic surgery?

What is the doctor's practical experience in the field of aesthetic surgery?

How many patients have the doctor performed the operation you are interested in?

Is it possible to see photos of patients "before and after" of the operation you are interested in, which were operated by the surgeon of your choice?

In case of unforeseen complications during surgery, does the clinic have an intensive care unit and qualified staff to provide assistance?

What kind of pain relief will be chosen for your operation?

How long will you have to stay in the clinic after the surgery?

If you are not happy with the result, what choice is available to you?

How long will it take for the final results of the operation?

How long will the result of the operation last?

What is the cost of the operation?

What's included in this price?

Are there any alternative methods of surgery you are interested in that you should consider?

The time that you spend answering the questions provided will bring you decent results: you will definitely make the right choice by making the most favorable decision for you. And the result of the operation will never disappoint you!

Sincerely, Drevetsky AP.

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