ARTI-PARTY Was Held In ARTILAND - Jump Communication

ARTI-PARTY Was Held In ARTILAND - Jump Communication
ARTI-PARTY Was Held In ARTILAND - Jump Communication

Video: ARTI-PARTY Was Held In ARTILAND - Jump Communication

Video: ARTI-PARTY Was Held In ARTILAND - Jump Communication
Video: Загородный клуб Артиленд. Видео обзор всех площадок для мероприятий в Artiland 2023, March

On May 21, an enchanting reality show ARTI-PARTY took place in the ARTILAND country club!

The participants of the event were able to attend a conference, corporate party, wedding registration, children's party or banquet in one day. In addition, the guests got acquainted with the unique bath complex and the newly opened SPA-resort "ARTI RESORT".

Tent Gallery - turned into a real kingdom of roses! The guests highly appreciated the floral decoration of the wedding celebration - the luxurious wedding decor, a stunning photo zone of roses and a touching romantic off-site check-in ceremony created a romantic atmosphere for this spring day. Live instrumental music and the sounds of the harp complemented the image of the fairy tale.

The welcome buffet in the Fireplace Hall impressed with a variety of snacks, especially lemonade, cheese, wine stations and Candy Bar, with all kinds of cupcakes, pasta and cakes. The chocolate fountain gave a solemn touch to the whole event. The mood of the buffet table was set by the live performance of the musical group "Polina-band".

The panoramic hall welcomed guests in the best Hollywood traditions: an atmosphere of luxury, fame and beautiful life. This evening, everyone could become a world star, having received their own "Oscar"! The hosts, artists and cover bands entertained the guests, while the chefs and pastry chefs surprised them with exquisite treats.

The invited guests were able to personally meet the chef, appreciate the taste of ceremonial dishes and watch the creation of a gastronomic masterpiece online!

Little guests did not go unnoticed. On the street, the kids were awaited by the heroes of Russian fairy tales - Koschey the Immortal, Vasilisa the Beautiful, Ivan Tsarevich and the symbol of Russia - matryoshka, who held funny contests, and funny minions held a flying party with games, dances, delicious treats and a thematic photo zone in the Veranda hall.

Everyone could ride a carriage, visit a petting zoo and an art farm. In the ART hut, guests were presented with a real Russian stove, a collection of samovars and wooden toys, and also held fascinating master classes for children and adults.

At the end of ARTI-PARTY, a drawing of gifts and souvenirs from the country club took place. The culmination of the evening was a video showing: the reality TV ARTI-PARTY, the launch of balloons and a festive day fireworks with a palette of various colors that changed their colors, mixing dazzlingly shining and shimmering right in the air.

The ARTILAND Country Club has once again confirmed the high level of preparation and holding of events of any level and complexity. With a team of professionals who think over any event to the smallest detail, your holiday will be perfect!

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