Alexandra Tretyakova From Moscow Received The Title "Empress Of Russia-2018" - NewsOnine

Alexandra Tretyakova From Moscow Received The Title "Empress Of Russia-2018" - NewsOnine
Alexandra Tretyakova From Moscow Received The Title "Empress Of Russia-2018" - NewsOnine

Video: Alexandra Tretyakova From Moscow Received The Title "Empress Of Russia-2018" - NewsOnine

Video: Alexandra Tretyakova From Moscow Received The Title "Empress Of Russia-2018" - NewsOnine
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On June 10, the Korston Hotel hosted the Empress of Russia-2018 All-Russian Beauty, Mind and Soul Contest as part of the MAMAWARD award.

The competition was timed to coincide with a significant holiday for our country - the Day of Russia, held on June 12! The competition itself was held in 3 stages: preliminary selection, preparation for the final and an unforgettable final. The preliminary selection, where the fate of the girls was determined by the organizing committee of the competition through casting, revealed 23 finalists. The jury had a difficult task - through several qualifying rounds, which included: business card performance, fashion show, creative competition, intellectual competition and evening dress, to identify the best one.

Alexandra Tretyakov from Moscow was chosen as the winner by the decision of the jury and the audience vote. Together with the title "Empress of Russia", which she will wear for a whole year, she received a unique imperial crown made to order by a young successful designer-jeweler Anita Karabut.

Irina Bakirova received the crown and title Empress of the capital of Moscow.

The title Empress of Russia International was given to Snezhana Müller, who came to the competition from Switzerland.

The remaining titles were distributed as follows: Olesya Skobtsova from St. Petersburg became the first Vice Empress of Russia, the Grand Prix Empress of Russia - Natalia Bortnikova (Novokuznetsk), and Marina Filyaeva (Moscow) was awarded a special prize, 2nd Vice Empress of Russia - Maria Levina (Moscow), 3rd Vice Empress of Russia - Oksana Vishnyakov (Novokuznetsk) a, 4th Vice Empress of Russia - Natalya Borodeiko (Moscow), national pride award with Zara Baghdasaryan, who also received the title of Empress of Music, was awarded the title of Tsarina of the Caucasus, and Ekaterina Burakova from Voronezh received the special title Empress of Russia supermodel.

According to the founder of the Empress of Russia competition in Moscow, as well as the founder of the 2 annual MAMAWARD and Family of the Year awards, Yulia Zhelvakova, this competition was created with the aim of reviving the traditions of the Great Russian Empire and raising the role of women in modern Russian society. This is a competition designed to show not only the external beauty, but also the incredible beauty of the soul of Russian women and remember the time when the Empress ruled the country! The Empress of Russia is not just a beauty contest, it is a serious social project, the intellect and creative potential of the applicants, their outlook and participation in the public life of Russia come to the fore. The competition was attended by women aged from 27 to 50 years. The participants are purposeful, erudite, with an active lifestyle of the girl.

The "Empress of Russia" competition was first established in St. Petersburg, and this year it was successfully held in Moscow, becoming one of the most spectacular beauty and mind contests. The luxurious dresses of the participants, made to order by the designer Anna Chasovskikh, weighed more than 15 kg, but thanks to the individually selected images, each contestant was able to fully reveal herself and emphasize all her individual strengths.

The hosts of the evening were Alena Alimova and Boris Cherkasov.

The partners of the "Empress of Russia" competition were Nadezhda Olefir (OlefirN) - an artist and owner of the LusterDeco studio, the international online marriage agency RSW Irena Filippova, the youngest Russian designer Yuliana Kuznetsova, the Monsoro Jewelery brand, exclusive handmade crowns from designer Anita Karabut and the brand KoronMari, Workshop Watermelon, Welss network of companies - the largest manufacturer in the field of hardware cosmetology, perfume company AU DREAMS, Center for multilevel rejuvenation Sante Esthetique, Royal water, brand Mystery and its ideological leader Anna Chasovskikh (the brand specializes in sewing and renting gorgeous dresses), designer Kristina Belova, fashion designer Elena Grimalovskaya, marriage agency "Embassy of marriage", beauty club Secrets, Image studio Wardrobe Rehab, dental clinic YOUR DENTIST,OLYMP Kislovsky fitness club, city body care studio Litebody, perfumer and aromopsychologist Anastasia Pich, Coffee shop-17, as well as To Be Bridet chain of evening and wedding dresses, Miss Lo brand and designer Yana Nedzvetskaya.

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