New Year's Dress 2017. How To Make The Right Choice? - NewsOnine

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New Year's Dress 2017. How To Make The Right Choice? - NewsOnine
New Year's Dress 2017. How To Make The Right Choice? - NewsOnine

Video: New Year's Dress 2017. How To Make The Right Choice? - NewsOnine

Video: New Year's Dress 2017. How To Make The Right Choice? - NewsOnine
Video: Making a New Year's Gown! (for no particular reason.. two weeks late lol) 2023, March

Preparing for the New Year is an exciting and exciting process. This holiday brings us back to the memories of childhood, we begin to believe in miracles again, we hope to leave all the bad behind and enter the future with a new year, with new happiness.

Choosing a festive outfit is a very symbolic stage. Even those who never read a horoscope involuntarily pay attention to the recommendations of astrologers about what color the coming year is, and what is the best way to meet it? I, too, could not ignore this, which is why I proposed several bright and memorable colors and styles. I hope to make it easier for you with a responsible choice - choosing the very first dress in which you will find yourself in the next year.

2017 New Year's Eve dress color:

The coming year is the year of the Red Fire Rooster. The first that comes to mind is a bright red color, however, the recommended palette is very wide - all the colors of the magnificent plumage of this bird, the whole gamut of red, from pale pink to deep marsala; yellow; Orange; green; blue; purple; purple. Black, white and their combinations are also more relevant than ever, because in nature often roosters are just like that. Bright prints and combinations of several colors are welcome. The choice is large, and if you know your colors, it will not be difficult for you to decide.

Then I walked through my favorite, in my opinion, the most spectacular and win-win models:

Sheath dress is a symbol of elegance. Simple and austere, at the same time incredibly comfortable and stylish, its tapered silhouette accurately outlines the waist and hips. The main fabric here is that a dense one is selected so that the dress does not emphasize unnecessary folds.

The NEW LOOK dress is a rich femininity. This style captivates with its romance and femininity. The main element is an X-shaped silhouette, a tightened "wasp" waist and a fluffy skirt. When sewing, light flowing fabrics are used that do not stretch and keep their shape well, allowing the dress to fit perfectly on the figure. To make legs appear longer in a fluffy skirt, and a figure more proportional, shoes are required with high heels.

A dress with an open back is always beautiful, feminine and incredibly sexy. The woman is luxurious in a long evening dress with a deep cut on the back. Provided that the front of the dress is strictly closed, this combination captivates with its inconsistency, inaccessibility and provocation awaken imagination. For sewing such models, as a rule, expensive flowing fabrics are used.

Mesh dress - braided, knitted, or made of lace. Until recently, it was considered too extravagant thing, now it has won its rightful place in the women's wardrobe. The secret to attractiveness is that it can be modeled. It can be a completely erotic outfit, or modest and flirty, it all depends on the selection of the lower part. And remember that the transparency of the dress is always a great solution for those who, due to some circumstances, cannot afford a mini or deep neckline.

Slip dress is a daring, frank, but insanely charming outfit. He emphasizes the magnificent figure, elevates the beauty of the body to a pedestal. The only thing is that the body under such a dress, of course, should be fit. The length can be any - both short and elongated to the floor. The dress is made of opaque dense and easily sliding fabric: crepe, satin, silk and chiffon.

The bustier dress is a symbol of sophisticated seduction and enchanting elegance. This strapless outfit opens up the shoulders and accentuates the cleavage. The main feature is the support of the breast with the help of hard bones sewn into it. The length ranges from mini to maxi. In a short, spicy look. The maxi length compensates for the pronounced open top, which makes the dress versatile for any age.

Trapeze dress - maximum simplicity and free spirit. With the right accessories, it can easily compete with form-fitting outfits. With a short length, it demonstrates slender legs. Beautiful fabric, open shoulders can give this model a chic evening look.

Let me summarize: a New Year's dress can be anything you like, long or short, narrow or spacious, the main thing is that you must really like it in it, and it must suit you. Color and silhouette are his gods. We play with the cut of the dress, starting from the physiological data, the color emphasizes the personality and brings intrigue. It's time to take a breath, settle the image in your head, and go for your most beautiful and happy outfit. I am sure your choice will be successful!

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