Stars At The Unique Pleasure Gala Dinner - NewsOnine

Stars At The Unique Pleasure Gala Dinner - NewsOnine
Stars At The Unique Pleasure Gala Dinner - NewsOnine

Video: Stars At The Unique Pleasure Gala Dinner - NewsOnine

Video: Stars At The Unique Pleasure Gala Dinner - NewsOnine
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In early April, the luxurious Italian restaurant Muzey hosted a gala dinner for the luxury lifestyle project UNIQUE PLEASURE.

The evening brought together representatives of the business elite, authority figures and celebrities who could enjoy the delicious treats of a special menu created exclusively for the guests of the evening by the restaurant's chef Sergey Klyuchansky, as well as an exclusive show program.

The hosts of the evening were some of the best showmen in Russia - Nikolai Tsonku and Pavel Mavridi. The performing stars of the national stage also delighted the audience with their novelties and already beloved hits.

Unique Pleasure is a series of social events that the leading glossy and business publications write about, and where famous and successful people of the capital strive to get.

Traditionally, events are held in the most luxurious, comfortable and unusual places in Moscow, of which the Muzey restaurant, located in the historical center of Moscow, can certainly be proud of, because it is not just a restaurant, it is a synthesis of unforgettable Italian cuisine, picturesque interior and welcoming atmosphere. And on May 1, the restaurant will open its summer terrace with a stunning view of the Moscow International House of Music, which annually enters the list of the best places in the capital.

And of course, this harmonious symbiosis was able to plunge the audience into a real atmosphere of luxury, where there were surprises and gifts from our partners: the federal chain of premium and business class fitness clubs X-fit, whose pride is pools with sea water, the Lamoda online store, Beauty Forma cosmetic company, Splat production and trading company, Mori Cinema chain, Krasota image studio, Yaris tonic drinks, RusseQuelle premium mineral water, the official taxi of the Wheely event.

"UNIQUE PLEASURE" is not only a luxurious lifestyle for sophisticated people, it is another reality created especially for you. Gala dinner "Unique Pleasure" was attended by: Anna Nevskaya and Dmitry Klepatsky, Mitya Fomin, Zhanna Epple, DANTE, Kirill Emelyanov and Ekaterina Direktorenko, Elena Borshcheva, Vitaly Abdulov, Natalya Lesnikovskaya, Victoria Desyatnikova, Natalya Kosteneva, T-Killianah, Armen Eritsy, Anastasia Romanova, Dmitry Kaminsky, Antonina Klimenko, Vyacheslav Basyul, Marta Kot, VINOGRAD group, Victoria Yakubovskaya and many others.

The guests did not want to leave even after midnight, because a sincere atmosphere reigned around, the tables were laden with various drinks and drinks, and the gifts from the partners of the event did not end.

Media partners of the event: Leaders magazine, Exclusive Man's View magazine, Nstyle Man magazine, Melon Rich magazine, MTV news, Cetre magazine, Nstyle magazine,,,,,

General partner of the event: X-Fit is a federal network of premium and business class fitness clubs.

Official partners of the event: Leaders Eau de Toilette, Med Estet Clinic of Aesthetic Medicine, Krasota - a premium network of beauty salons, Mori Cinema chain of cinemas, Splat premium line, Beauty Forma - the official distributor of Japanese and Korean premium cosmetics on the Russian market, YARIS - natural apple tea, RusseQuelle - Russia's first premium mineral water, Wheely.

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