Vulgarity Is No Longer In Vogue! - NewsOnine

Vulgarity Is No Longer In Vogue! - NewsOnine
Vulgarity Is No Longer In Vogue! - NewsOnine

Video: Vulgarity Is No Longer In Vogue! - NewsOnine

Video: Vulgarity Is No Longer In Vogue! - NewsOnine
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On March 6, in Moscow, at the restaurant "Kazan Chai Bar", the festival "Femininity against vulgarity" was held.

The festival was conceived with the aim of fostering a sense of style, morality and femininity in girls, as opposed to vulgarity, which, unfortunately, can now be seen everywhere. Modern clothing boutiques are overflowing with ripped, barely hiding jeans, open dresses and miniskirts. But, as the actress Natalya Gudkova correctly noted, such clothes only lead to certain thoughts and attitudes towards women on the part of men. And where did the chivalrous attitude towards a woman go? Probably in the same place as femininity itself …

A woman is aesthetics, a reminder to the world of beauty, a keeper of moral values. A woman's compliance with this pure moral character will strengthen our families and our originally moral culture of Russia, devoid of vulgarity and bad taste.

That is why designers of feminine and at the same time modest and restrained clothes gathered at the festival.

EleonorIv ( presented their models,

IrinStecko ( and Khalis (

The general sponsor of the event was the clothing brand RimmAllyamov (, which presented beautiful samples of feminine outfits.

But the beauty of a woman was never limited to beautiful clothes. Body beauty - 50% of female beauty. Therefore, at the event, cosmetics made exclusively from natural ingredients were presented to the attention of women and girls. Another general sponsor of the festival - the brand of organic cosmetics "Triumph of Beauty" (http://triumph-krasoty.rf) - provided the fair half of humanity with the opportunity to preserve their natural beauty using useful personal care products. And the official representatives of the miracle cream Infinite Aloe ( delighted the women of the festival with master classes on skin restoration with the help of a wonderful cream.

The guests of honor Natalia Gudkova and Anastasia Makeeva became the adornment of the festival. The guests of the festival were delighted with their songs by the soloist of the ChiLi group Irina Zabiyaka, as well as the soloist Anastasia Solopekina from the Maria Struve Academy of Arts (

A member of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry made a speech in support of the idea of both the festival and domestic producers. The festival featured products from such Russian manufacturers as Bazatin Made (handmade leather accessories), zdorovyelozhke.rf (healthy food for restoring the inner beauty of the body), as well as clothes from Russian designer Anna Topolskaya.

The event was co-organized by the Triumph of Beauty natural cosmetics brand. As the president of the company said: “We will repeat the festival and plan to make it a permanent celebration for women. One festival is not enough if we want to revive femininity. Therefore, dear ladies, get ready. You will still have the opportunity to come to such holidays and change yourself with the help of useful self-care products and dresses that emphasize the dignity of your body."

Media partner of the festival - portal "Med About Me" (

General information sponsor - the portal "All by Barter" (

News provided by White PR agency - the co-organizer of the festival.

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