Michael Wilkinson - Movie Costumes Alchemist - ApollonBezobrazov

Michael Wilkinson - Movie Costumes Alchemist - ApollonBezobrazov
Michael Wilkinson - Movie Costumes Alchemist - ApollonBezobrazov
Video: Michael Wilkinson - Movie Costumes Alchemist - ApollonBezobrazov
Video: NF Jingle Jangle interview with Michael Wilkinson Costume Design 2023, February

What do Superman movie characters, Edward Cullen and Irving Rosenfeld have in common? Their costume designer! Oscar winner Michael Wilkinson knows very well what an inhabitant of the planet Krypton, the Washington Desert or New Jersey in 1978 should look like.

- I remember going to the opera as a child and thinking that I would like to change the costumes of the artists. I was obsessed with music and art and wanted to tell my stories through clothing. After high school, I entered the National Institute of Dramatic Arts in Sydney, and then worked in theater for another 10 years.

- For me, there is nothing more exciting than finishing a film about antiquity and moving on to a film about the 2000s. I think it's very important to be able to do very different jobs.


- As a costume designer, I have to pay attention to detail. Will the hero have a crumpled collar, is there a stain on his shirt, what is the density of the wool of his suit … All these things are obvious on the screen. And I like that through these details the character of the character is expressed.

“When David O'Russell and I were working on Man of Steel, I didn't understand how to relate this cool and sexy 1970 Superman to the guy we needed to create. As a result, we reworked more than 60 percent of the image, for which we were scolded, but we knew that this would be more correct.

- The funniest thing was to understand that I was designing a costume not for a real hero, but for the character played by the character. That is, a fake person portrayed a person.

- When Darren Aronofsky invited me "Noah", he said that he wanted the audience to be interested. He wanted to show real ambiguity so that people would not understand if this is happening in the future or in biblical times. Then I turned to Rick Owens and Alexander McQueen for inspiration. We also had hand-woven materials from tapes from magnetic cassettes and drinking straws.

“I think a costume designer is almost an alchemist. Therefore, I decided to write a book and make a documentary about my profession. So that people understand what this profession means

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