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Interview: Cindy Crawford Answers Vogue Questions - ApollonBezobrazov
Interview: Cindy Crawford Answers Vogue Questions - ApollonBezobrazov
Video: Interview: Cindy Crawford Answers Vogue Questions - ApollonBezobrazov
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The legendary supermodel posed for the cover of April Vogue. The shooting became a symbolic transfer of the baton to the younger generation of models. On such a significant occasion, the editors of the magazine asked Cindy their traditional questions.


How does it feel to share the cover of Vogue Paris with your daughter?

- Sharing a magazine cover with my daughter is such an incredible experience. It seems only yesterday that I did my first cover story. Time flies and I am so proud of the people my children are becoming.

What does Parisian Vogue mean to you?

- This is the embodiment of style. Vogue is the ultimate authority in the fashion world and French women have always been the chic style I love.

You have worked a lot with Mario Testino. How does it feel?

- Shooting with Mario is a dream. It's lightweight, fun, and you always know you're in good hands. I was very happy for Presley and Kaya that they had the opportunity to work with him. I want them to learn from the best.

What supermodels did you look at when you started your career?

- Brooke Shields, Polina Porizkova and Phoebe Cates.

What can you tell us about your relationship with photography?

- I've always loved looking at photographs. When I started out as a young model, I always tried to study the work of the photographer who was going to shoot. Luckily for me, I had the opportunity to work with some of the masters like Irwin Penn and Richard Avedon. I asked them questions and they introduced me to some of their favorite photographers. It was a great way to learn to appreciate photography. The entire digital transformation has changed the experience of being in front of the lens. I have learned to appreciate the endless possibilities and instantaneous nature of digital photography.

What does art mean to you?

- For me, art is any expression of creative energy: from cooking to growing flowers.

Describe your ideal day off?

- My ideal day off includes waking up on the coast and not on an alarm clock. I then enjoy a cup of tea with my husband before the children and their friends get up. Then we all have a big American pancake breakfast together. Cycling, hiking, lunch by the pool … Round off the day with watching the sunset and having a barbecue with friends. Before bed, a good book.

What are you doing to stay fit?

- I try to work with my coach two or three times a week. I usually warm up on a treadmill, followed by an hour of strength training and other exercises. I also try to walk and cycle a lot.

And what about beauty procedures?

“It's pretty simple, especially after I launched my own skincare line. In the morning I wash my face, use a serum and a day cream with SPF. In the evening, the same procedures, but with a night cream. If there is more time or there is a special event, I put on a mask.

How do you dress in your daily life?

- Since I started living in Los Angeles, I have become a big fan of jeans. I usually wear jeans, sandals and a T-shirt. In the evening, I change sandals for sandals with heels and add a leather jacket with a scarf.

Town or village?

- Beach. Malibu is for me the embodiment of perfect balance.

What do you enjoy?

- Massages and long baths.

Your favorite drink

- Green tea, latte and tequila.

Favorite season

- I grew up in the Midwest and love all seasons. For the last 15 years I have been living in California and I really love our weather.

Do you have a secret talent?

- Yes, it's cooking.

What do you like to give?

- In general, I like to give gifts and I always get very excited when I find something that I think is wonderful. Even if it's February, I can buy something for Christmas and wait for the moment.

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