Golden Rules For Aging Skin Care - The North Face

Golden Rules For Aging Skin Care - The North Face
Golden Rules For Aging Skin Care - The North Face
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How you want to stay young and beautiful forever, radiate happiness and freshness, attract admiring glances and hear compliments. Unfortunately, over time, under the influence of harmful external factors and biological changes, our skin begins to lose its tone, wrinkles, irregularities and age spots appear. But proper beauty care can do a lot! Tean shares with you the golden rules of adult skin care.

There are many reasons for age-related changes. The negative impact of life in a metropolis, stress, traumatic cosmetic procedures, addictions, hormonal changes - all this leads to the "extinction" of the skin, exhaustion and loss of elasticity. To continue to bloom and delight everyone around you with your beauty, follow a number of simple recommendations for 35+ skin care:

- Important accents. Facial skin care seems obvious to us, while often we miss the most important areas of the neck, arms and décolleté, making a big mistake. Every day, conducting a beauty ritual at the dressing table, make it a habit to take care of all the main areas, treating them with a special cream.

- Clarification. To avoid the appearance of pigmentation or its intensification, it is necessary to select special cosmetics that will gently and safely lighten your skin and protect it from UV damage.

- Moisturizing. It is, of course, imperative to provide adequate hydration to the skin. Changes in hormonal levels affect the structure of the skin, therefore it is necessary to replenish the moisture balance with the help of cosmetics. One of the must-haves for the appearance of wrinkles and lack of elasticity from the Tean brand - a molecular microfluid with sea snail toxin AGE - FREEThe tool perfectly works out two problems that are relevant for every woman: it creates a botox effect to combat expression wrinkles, and also works as a moisturizing filler, smoothing and smoothing the skin of the face. In an instant, dryness and tightness are reduced, the synthesis of its own hyaluronic acid is increased by 66%. The product is applied in a thin layer to cleansed skin of the face and neck, including the area around the eyes, immediately after application of the serum. Microfluid can also be used as a stand-alone care product.

- Innovative solutions. In addition to classic solutions in facial skin care, try the latest products that have already shown their high efficiency. The Teana laboratory has created beauty tapes that will give everyone a salon effect at home. The taping method involves applying tapes to the face, fixing the required muscles and skin in the correct position. The difference "before" and "after" is noticeable after the first session, because the effect of muscle memory is triggered. Wrinkles gradually disappear and the relief of the face is smoothed out. Try advanced care solutions too!

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