Alexander Vasiliev: "Your Appearance Is Your Business Card" - Fashion

Alexander Vasiliev: "Your Appearance Is Your Business Card" - Fashion
Alexander Vasiliev: "Your Appearance Is Your Business Card" - Fashion

Video: Alexander Vasiliev: "Your Appearance Is Your Business Card" - Fashion

Video: Alexander Vasiliev: "Your Appearance Is Your Business Card" - Fashion
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At the end of March, the first meeting of the cycle of traditional spring events, which the Holding Center Trade House arranges for its customers, took place in the Department Store "HC Bucharest". It was "Fashion Talk" about the trends and trends of the new Spring-Summer 2017 season with the fashion historian and popular TV presenter of Channel One Alexander Vasiliev.

The fashion historian singled out pajama style as one of the main fashion trends of the season. A silk trouser suit reminiscent of pajamas is a real must have of the season. Another option for pajama style is a slip dress with thin spaghetti straps.

Retro style is still in vogue. Retro prints are especially popular: peas, stripes, checks, as well as fabrics - velvet, brocade, lurex. Another trend that has been relevant for several seasons in a row is sport casual. Spacious clothing with sporty elements: trousers with stripes, sweatshirts, bombers, sneakers, backpacks. By the way, you can safely combine all of the above attributes of the sport casual style with quite classic things - sneakers with a trouser suit, a backpack with an evening dress, etc.

Unusual combinations are one of the specialties of this season. The weirder the better! Feel free to mix prints, shapes, textures.

If we talk about the color scheme, then Vasiliev singled out pastel shades. Especially relevant is the cold blue color, which goes so well for blue-eyed and gray-eyed women. Also, white, red, emerald, deep blue are in fashion. By the way, speaking of blue, Alexander noted that now blue is the new black. This color should be chosen by those who do not go black - people with fair skin and eyes. Two more trendy combinations are pink plus orange or red plus orange.

If you hesitate to wear a red dress, you can buy red accessories: a handbag or gloves - this will become a fashionable and bright accent in the image.

This season's must have is a white dress! White suits everyone!

During the lecture, Alexander Vasiliev emphasized that all the announced trends are fully embodied in the new collections of the HC Bucharest Department Store and it will not be difficult to update your wardrobe in accordance with fashion trends.

The fashion historian recommended that men pay attention to classic men's fashion, namely, to a business suit that can be "diluted" with interesting accessories: a scarf, a watch, a stylish men's bag. Fashionable things of the season: velvet jacket, pipe trousers, classic loafers.

As always, the maestro spoke not only about fashion, but also gave his advice to women. Self-love is one of the main qualities in life. Alas, many pay more attention to children, grandchildren, husbands - completely forgetting about themselves. It is very important to take care of yourself, appearance is your business card.

The second point is a thorough analysis of fashion trends and the selection of those that fit well into your wardrobe and are combined with your personal style. Fashion experiments are good, but they are appropriate up to 35 years old: after that you should already definitely decide on your own style.

At the end of the lecture, Vasiliev answered questions from the audience, gave many useful practical recommendations, gladly took a selfie with everyone and signed autographs to fans.

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