Jean-Paul Gaultier, Guarantor Of Russian Democracy

Jean-Paul Gaultier, Guarantor Of Russian Democracy
Jean-Paul Gaultier, Guarantor Of Russian Democracy

Video: Jean-Paul Gaultier, Guarantor Of Russian Democracy

Video: Jean-Paul Gaultier, Guarantor Of Russian Democracy
Video: Мадонна на показе Jean Paul Gaultier в 1995 году 2023, March

Twenty years ago, this man dressed men in skirts, fifteen years ago, he built a tapered chest for the singer Madonna, and recently released men's powder and lipstick. Today he brought his clothes to Moscow.

Exhibition `Jean Paul Gaultier in photography`, which is curated by the main fashion magazine of the fatherland` Vogue Russia`, is held in Petrovsky Passage as part of the `Fashion and Style in Photography 2005` festival. Now a boutique will appear in the same place, the fourteenth in the world, the first in Eastern Europe.

Fashionable avant-garde artist Gaultier, who has elegantly and brazenly dressed men in skirts and corsets, and women in sexy vests and tuxedos for the last thirty years, is now available in Moscow. Until now, the Japanese and other peoples close to the rising sun have loved Gauthier more tenderly than anyone else - more than half of the boutiques are concentrated in Japan and Southeast Asia. Well, we are quite Asians too. The design of all Gaultier's stores matches the collections.

The atmosphere of surrealism, invented by the honored style equilibrist Philippe Starck, reigns in them, where crystal chandeliers are made of tennis balls, and a draped floor lamp chair is not intended for sitting.

A huge bottle-factis of the first perfume of Gautier Le Classique, executed in the form of a female torso, inspires the room and reminds that women need to be dressed. And of course - in outfits from the latest collection of the master.

The torso bottle - let's add the truth, is not Gauthier's invention. It is almost exactly copied from the bottle of Elsa Schiaparelli's cult perfume Shocking, produced in 1937 …

From the history. Gaultier was born on April 24, 1952. On the day he turned 18, Jean-Paul entered the service of Pierre Cardin. Then the future great couturier worked for Jean Patou, Jacques Esterel, and then again for Cardin. Jean-Paul Gaultier showed his first collection under his own name in 1976.

His most significant works of the 80s are a collection dedicated to James Bond, high-tech outfits made of garbage and cans, paper summer, unisex Clothes for two, Dadaism collection, in which the first corsets.

Then there were collections with names similar to porn films - `Nickel-plated pole`,` Casanova in the gymnasium`, `Adam and Eve of our day` …

Then it turned out that the entire mosaic human culture at the turn of the millennium is projected onto the catwalk like a movie screen. Anti-AIDS, glamor, retro, ethnic, Buddhism, Latina, punks, skinheads, dandy bikers, effeminate boys, Parisian gypsies, homosexual brides … Adults are like children and children are like adults. Frida Kahlo, Luc Besson, Greenway, Almodovar, Madonna … In 2001, Jean-Paul Gaultier received the title of Knight Commander of the Legion of Honor.

Gaultier walked around Moscow in a fur hat, was honestly cold, rejoiced at the snow being thrown from the roofs, loudly admired Russian history, architecture, beauties and the Bolshoi Theater, where he listened to Mazepa. A big fan of Russian ballet, the couturier boasted that Maya Plisetskaya herself ordered him a dress for the anniversary.

At a press conference, Gaultier was asked what he thought about the emerging authoritarianism in Russia. Gaultier hesitated - it seems that he did not think about him, and then the head of `Bosco di Ciliegi` Mikhail Kusnirovich answered for him. So far, he said, there is a Jean-Paul Gaultier boutique opposite the Kremlin, it is too early to talk about authoritarianism.

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