The Fourth Story. Stripper - FASHION PROJECT

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The Fourth Story. Stripper - FASHION PROJECT
The Fourth Story. Stripper - FASHION PROJECT
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Video: POOR TO RICH: STRIPPER STYLE! - Part 1 || THE SIMS 4 2023, February

They met at some exhibition. He did not ask him to pose, took a couple of photographs, said that he would work from memory. …

"Goddess" - sounds vulgar, but still nice. And the woman in the picture has such familiar features … You shouldn't drink tea. There is nowhere to even sit in this studio … Yes, even for an artist it is too much … One will not be full of holy spirit.

And modern goddesses need money, and so that the night is all on fire … A couple of bright strokes on a young face, a frank outfit … Beauty, as they say, cannot be spoiled by anything, beauty can only be emphasized. The dress is class. The girls were stunned with envy when they saw these lightning bolts, and even more when they found out the price. Naturally, you have to pay for the exclusive. The main thing is that the dance looks impressive.

“Well, the night has turned out today … A couple of puffs in the fresh air and home. I won't go to lectures today … That one looks so much like an artist … only he was missing now. By the way, I haven't been to his studio for a long time. You have to go in, illuminate the life of the creator with your divine presence …"

-How did you disappear? Long?

-Three months already. He wandered around, wandered around the city, then closed here and did not go out at all … Then he disappeared …

“Why does it hurt so much? He meant more to me than I thought. And here is the portrait of his "goddess". In a heap of rubbish, where it is supposed to be … And not get out of the mud … But I'll get out, get out. Help me, my creator!"

The creative team would like to thank you for your attention to the Project "Man. Woman. Dress. History of Relationships."

The author of the project idea - Olga Radetskaya

Photographer - Valeria Bitus

Text writer - Lilia Latogurskaya

Make-up artist, hairdresser-stylist - Diana Revyako

Main characters, actors Stories about "Modern Goddess":

- Oleg Yarovenko

- Tatiana Horuzhay

Supporting actors:

- Mikhail Lapchuk

The main character of the Story - Dress by OLGRADETSKAY

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