Natalia Vodianova's Collection For Centro - GALLANT

Natalia Vodianova's Collection For Centro - GALLANT
Natalia Vodianova's Collection For Centro - GALLANT
Video: Natalia Vodianova's Collection For Centro - GALLANT
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Natalia Vodianova's collection for Centro was announced back in the summer, and work on it took a whole year. Its main essence, of course, is charity - with the money raised from the sale of the collection, playgrounds will be built in different cities of Russia.

The collection is small and quite classic: textile stiletto heels with a crown of rhinestones on the heel, ankle boots and over the knee boots on the same last.

The presentation of the collection in "Metropolis" gathered quite a lot of people, and after the end of the press conference everyone had the opportunity to get an autograph from the supermodel.

But, I confess, that was where the charm ended. I am a longtime fan of Centro - but not in the sense that I like everything there, on the contrary, but I know quite well what the brand produces and, looking at a pair of shoes, I can tell how long it will last and whether it will be comfortable. And in my wardrobe there are several models of Centro shoes, and there are pairs that have served 4 seasons or more. So - Vodianova's collection is exclusively "parquet", to walk a couple of times, and then - if you can. Because the last was very uncomfortable for many feet. To my surprise, I got into my size with difficulty, the shoes turned out to be undersized, and even very uncomfortable.

Of course, they bought shoes anyway - about every third guest left with a package (though they were almost certainly those who received a certificate for a gift). They also tried to sell them in an auction in order to raise more money, but this was affected by the fact that the extremely mixed contingent of guests was not ready for such promotions. So one pair of shoes was sold for 25 thousand, the second and third barely went almost for the cost price. In an attempt to save the auction, Yekaterina Odintsova offered to play out a Centro clutch that matches the shoes in color and texture, autographed by Natalia Vodianova. On this lot, the auction has exhausted its possibilities.

I think that it would be nice to add accessories to the collection, the same clutches with the same crown would probably be in great demand - especially since the prices for Vodianova shoes are the most common for the brand, that is, 899 rubles.

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