Anniversary Celebration: Etro 10 Years With Bosco - GALLANT

Anniversary Celebration: Etro 10 Years With Bosco - GALLANT
Anniversary Celebration: Etro 10 Years With Bosco - GALLANT
Video: Anniversary Celebration: Etro 10 Years With Bosco - GALLANT
Video: Nov 10, 2018 - 100th Anniversary Celebration Part 2 2023, February

The very fact that the Etro retrospective show, dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the brand's cooperation with Bosco, was supposed to take place in the Danilovsky market, raised questions and bewilderment: is the fashion show on the market? What is Mikhail Kusnirovich up to? After waiting for almost two hours (it is our own fault, it was not necessary to come to the declared time, but it just happened), we all found out. One night the night before, a stage for a live orchestra was erected in the center of the market, podiums and benches for spectators and photographers were erected, live broadcast screens were mounted, and a huge chandelier was hung over the entire dome.

An unusual holiday began for guests (and for us) from the very entrance: those who were hungry while waiting could refresh themselves with fresh cakes and samsa and drink tea from bowls, which were poured by young people in skullcaps. Skull-caps were given out to all guests, so we can safely say: Moscow has never seen such a crowd of people in these headdresses, not like the Danilovsky market area. And if you consider that skull-caps were adorned on the heads of both Russians and visiting guests, and such guests as Vlad Lisovets, Alena Akhmadulina, Philip Kirkorov, and even on Mikhail Kusnirovich himself and … Kina Etro. The two of them met the guests at the entrance, inviting them to a real pilaf, which was immediately laid out in bowls and handed to everyone. "Moe Shandon", nuts and dried fruits on painted dishes, pilaf and oriental music,the atmosphere of the market - colorful sellers and all their goods remained in place, surrounding the green "grassy" path-podium.

In a word, by the beginning of the fashion show, when a small orchestra began to play, the guests had already forgiven and forgotten the long wait for the show. Yes, there were stars: Kirkorov, Elka, Alena Sviridova and others, but this was not the main thing for me. The show featured items from collections of different years, but at the same time they are surprisingly modern and fit perfectly into the current trends of the season. And in general, a sense of humor and creativity, the absence of which Etro designers, in principle, do not complain about, were fully presented.

The stars participating in the defile supported the atmosphere - at least, something was happening right in front of us all the time. Mitya Khrustalev arranged a whole performance like this: first he hugged and kissed the most magnificent saleswoman in the row, and while she and her colleagues were recovering from surprise, he pulled a persimmon from the nearest stall and handed it to Ulyana Brut:)

The main surprise was that they did not advertise in any way when the event was announced: the designers personally arrived at the show. The final appearance of Keane and Veronica Etro caused a stormy delight in the audience - and no wonder! The celebration in honor of the anniversary of cooperation with Bosco was a success in all respects.

Moreover, the gifts did not end there: each guest was handed … a string bag with a watermelon and Etro eau de toilette. Those who did not find the strength to carry a watermelon should be sorry - I haven’t met such a tasty one for a long time! And, by the way, about the string bag: in mine there was a piece of paper (I don't know what to call it) with the imprint of its issue - the country of the RSFSR, year 1996. Really a retrospective!

Thanks to Bosco and Etro for this wonderful evening, which actually opens the fashion season in Moscow.

On the video: the final output, the quality, you understand, is smartphone, only Philip Bedrosovich is clearly visible, but the atmosphere of what was happening is a little clear.

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