Video: VFNO-2012 - GALLANT
Video: VFNO 2012 pour "Chloé International" by Florence Duarte 2023, February

VFNO-2012 mostly passed me by due to illness. But I still found the strength to walk at least the first floors of GUM and TSUM, take pictures of Natasha Vodianova and buy a T-shirt from Natasha and Daria Fursey in order to contribute to charity.

Actually, this post is just to show the edge of this event, which I managed to capture at the very beginning. They waited for Natasha in GUM, from where her route began, for almost an hour and a half, because she and Victoria Davydova got stuck in a traffic jam. In GUM she was presented with a wonderful pillow-heart - according to the UGG tradition, made of the most natural materials.

All UGG guests were presented with wonderful cup holders - made from their iconic sheepskin. In addition, young people with Polaroids walked around GUM and took pictures of guests - over the past twenty years, I received the second "snapshot".

In contrast to GUM, TSUM was just a hive, and I was especially pleased that the main area on the first floor was dedicated to Russian designers. You should have seen how fashionable girls in heels in batches dragged gray VivVox sweatshirts to the checkout!

I did not reach the opening of the VerWang boutique, wandered along Kuznetsky Most to the metro, and stopped for a while at Podium, where life was also in full swing, to admire the miracle of technology - a robot communicator. He rode at the entrance and talked with the guests, as his Japanese brothers do …

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