The First Victoria`s Secret Store Opens In Moscow - GALLANT

The First Victoria`s Secret Store Opens In Moscow - GALLANT
The First Victoria`s Secret Store Opens In Moscow - GALLANT
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Victoria's Secret is a brand that, in general, needs no introduction. Everyone knows that this is a cult lingerie, but it is often forgotten that it is also perfume, cosmetics and accessories. It is with perfumes and accessories that the brand begins its conquest of the hearts of Russian women - the first Victoria's Secret store in our country was opened in MEGA "Teply Stan".

It is decorated in colors that are iconic for the brand - black and pink, everything about it is glamorous in the general sense of this meaning - right down to leopard-print handbags, pink lace panties and cosmetic cases in rhinestones.

The main assortment, as I said, is not underwear, but perfumery and cosmetics. The store has all the main fragrances in all versions - classic eau de toilette, its mini version, mist ("short" version, if you want to change fragrances throughout the day without mixing), as well as body lotions with similar fragrances to help fix the scent on the body for a much longer period.

The variety of aromas distinguishes the line of body care - lotions, body milk, shower gels reproduce the scents of flowers, fruits, honey and coconut - there is no more count. Some smells are so natural that one can be fooled - don't give it to children! =)

Bombshell, which instantly became a cult fragrance, was also brought to Russia - this year it won three FIF Awards at once (a sort of "Oscar" for perfumers): the fragrance of the year, the best women's fragrance of the year and the best bottle design. And along with the "Buyer's Choice".

The fragrance is really worthwhile - quite light, uncomplicated, but intriguing: starting with mischievous notes of purple passionfruit and Tuscan grapes, the fragrance reveals itself in pure energetic tones of yellow Shangri-la peony and vanilla orchid, ending with a soft and long wave of Ligurian pine. The slightly more energetic Very Sexy is close to it in tone and filling. And lovers of languid sweet aromas will surely find Noir Tease interesting with top notes of black vanilla and depth of gardenia.

The line of accessories, which in Russia are exclusively presented only in the first Victoria's Secret store, is designed in the glamorous and glossy style of the brand: black and pink tones, leopard, a lot of sequins, photographic prints adorn travel bags and evening bags, cosmetic bags, wallets, covers for passports, umbrellas and more.

A separate stand presents sunglasses made of high-tech plastic with 100% UV protection. The design is varied: from medium-sized glasses with virtually no rims to "cat's eyes" and conspicuous frames, including those with a "brindle" color.

The lingerie, which fans of the brand are waiting for in the first place, is still represented only by panties - but of all kinds of colors and styles: from bright elastic lace to minimalistic models with shocking slogans.

Bras are not yet ready to sell in Russia, although this is in the immediate plans of the brand - this will require another store space with the possibility of fitting and specially trained personnel who can easily select the desired shape and size for any customer. But tops are presented in an assortment - including a limited edition of T-shirts with the inscription Victoria`s Secret Loves Moscow, created especially for the first Russian store.

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