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Video: Sochi Notes - Intermod.Ru

Video: Sochi Notes - Intermod.Ru
Video: Разоблачаем «Мидийное место» в Сочи 2023, March

For the first time, I almost completely organized the route of departure from home. I liked very much the implementation of the theme "electronic ticket" for the plane. It's hard to believe that without getting up from your chair, you can hold a ticket to Sochi and back in 5 minutes.

All 5 days he coughed. Before that, he coughed in Moscow for another 2 weeks. He was treated in all possible ways - potions, suckers, Dr. Mom, coldrex, cough pills, steamed legs in mustard, tea with honey, honey with tea, rubbed with warming ointments, vodka with pepper, whiskey with tomatoes, etc. In Sochi, I also added sea air and some folk syrups for all diseases. The cough defeated them all. In Moscow, I went to a paid clinic, because I hate hospitals very much. And for the money, at least some comfort. The professor diagnosed farengitis, prescribed drops, rinses, inhalations and syrup. After 5 hours, the cough subsided. Here are the "miracles of medicine". So be careful when giving advice to sick friends and also accepting "their care."

Started watching House. I really like the dialogues and the look of the main character. I'm finishing the first season.

For the first time in my life I wore a tuxedo. I regret not being equipped with a sash and belt. A tailor at Bosco's Store said larger men were better off avoiding skinny pants. It was a little uncomfortable, but not very noticeable in the photographs. I liked that when I was wearing a butterfly, I was never asked at the entrance for an invitation, a ticket, or questions "where am I". Kharatyan and I were wearing a bow tie at the ceremony. But the "midshipman" was not in the spirit and it did not work to thank the namesake for the performance of the song from "Midshipmen". But Nona Grishaeva was the soul of the company at the festive banquet …

Sochi is a really beautiful city, but only in the center. Only in the center are chic parks, columns, gazebos, benches, paved paths, ladders, lighting. Luxurious port, sea views, etc. The further to the outskirts, the more "folk art", it really looks like Odessa courtyards and Chinatowns. If you go to Sochi, try to stay in the center.

Car rental in Sochi - 2200 for a Ford focus per day, 1800 for a logan (I could be wrong). Taxi from the center to the airport - 1000 rubles.

The mayor of the city organized a competition for the best anthem of the Sochi Olympics (according to local residents). This composition won, which the Sochi people pass on to each other in all available ways. I might be wrong about the history of this song, but the music and the lyrics are great!

In Sochi, there is a central market with fruits and a variety of food. A kilogram of persimmon - 70-100 rubles. I bought Burygin persimmons and a tomato bean, myself a bag of spices for pilaf. While buying spices, a very textured Armenian grandmother persuaded to buy "children" her homemade delicacies, which she made herself yesterday on the basis of fruits. "Children", represented by mom and dad, were happy and swallowed everything on the first day.

Fridge magnets are sold in the underpass near the marina. There are many options with the 2014 Olympic Cheburashka, as well as a large selection of other combinations for every taste.

I wonder if House confesses his love for Cameron? Just don't tell me …

I did not have time to visit outside the center, in Krasnaya Polyana and other excursion places. Left for next year:)

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