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Reportage Photo Of Alexander Chernavsky In Wishon'e - Intermod.Ru
Reportage Photo Of Alexander Chernavsky In Wishon'e - Intermod.Ru

Video: Reportage Photo Of Alexander Chernavsky In Wishon'e - Intermod.Ru

Video: Reportage Photo Of Alexander Chernavsky In Wishon'e - Intermod.Ru
Video: Фото-выставка "За фасадом бытия" 2023, March

For a long time I was going to improve the rudiments of photography skills, but I still could not coincide in time with the 6-week course. And my photos do not want to come close in quality to the work of Rustem Adagamov (drugoi). And now - it coincided! First, I received an SMS about the action in Vichon - "the cost of the reportage course and photo processing - 13900", however, as it turned out, for each, but oh well, by that time I had already matured mentally. Along the way, I was seduced by the subject shooting, so now I know how much money you need to buy spotlights in order to beautifully shoot the subject.

But back to the reportage.

First impressions

There are 8 people in the group, moreover, 6 people came from the basic course of Vichon to continue development. There is conflicting information about Alexander on the Internet, someone likes it, someone does not really. But I would like to note that I was impressed by his ability to occasionally sincerely smile and a very pleasant manner of constructing sentences and the narrative as a whole. The sweater, of course, is not so hot …)))

Introduction to the subject

Alexander asked all of us to read basic books on photography and reportage, and some of them, authored by Lapin, asked to read through force (good advertisement). So, a shot list must have from Alexander Chernavsky:

A. I. Lapin - Photography as …

Langford M., edited by A. Lapin. The Bible of photography by

P. Sztompke "Visual sociology. Photography as a research method"

Rudolf Arnheim - to choose from, many books on visual sociology

After reading the annotations and reviews in blogs for a couple of books, I realized that Alexander Ch. Has an exquisite taste for oddities:)

And be sure to know about the Ansel Adams Zonal System and the formula for calculating the depth of field!

If I manage to read something, I will share the usefulness.

The next step was to talk about the profession. I would like to note such moments that it would be more correct to call reportage photography a photo journalism. Much attention is paid to the study of the object, knowledge of the ethical and legal norms of shooting. The main subject of photography in reportage photography is people, moreover, people in various aspects of life. Every time a photographer needs to build a certain relationship with them, it is believed that “shooting from around the corner on a person’s telephoto” is not a reportage shot (although, most likely, I like this particular type of shooting). A photojournalist is an individual profession that does not imply group creativity. Very often these people travel alone so that no one distracts from their creative ideas. But at the same time, although the profession often implies loneliness, these are, as a rule, very interesting people.

Well, an obvious step in the development of the profession is the daily shooting and viewing of the works of the masters. As required sites to view:

And also - RIA Novosti, AFP, Reuters …


Andrey claims that he shoots with manual white balance, exposure and aperture settings. Mostly without flash, in.jpg


This model has 3 interchangeable lenses (16, 17-55, 18-200) and working ISO 1600! And it looks like a toy)) Naturally, do not expect 300 thousand positives from it, but the goals are different.

Well, what surprised me in the end … this is the percentage of good personnel from professionals. Watching the pictures from the agency's tapes, you are amazed at the thoughtfulness and semantic load of the frame, how emotions are caught on the faces. When asked how much the photographer shoots to get one frame.. received an overwhelming answer … - 100! Or, among reportage photographers there is such an axiom - "one good shot per hour". Well, if you are not a pro … get ready for more sad numbers.

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