S. Minaev. "RAB". Reasoning On The Topic - Intermod.Ru

S. Minaev. "RAB". Reasoning On The Topic - Intermod.Ru
S. Minaev. "RAB". Reasoning On The Topic - Intermod.Ru

Video: S. Minaev. "RAB". Reasoning On The Topic - Intermod.Ru

Video: S. Minaev. "RAB". Reasoning On The Topic - Intermod.Ru
Video: Артем Каменистый – Раб Запертых Земель. [Аудиокнига] 2023, March

I read it in a week, it was, as always, very interesting. But I resisted the temptation to read it in one day and stretched it out for a longer period. I wanted to share my notes with you, to which I drew attention. I would be glad if you share yours, provided that you read the entire book.

What did not like

The final. As in "Duhles", "MediaSapines" and "Heifers", the hero ends up being a fool. If in "Heifers" is not yet quite clearly expressed, at least some small positive and hope, then in the rest of the work there is only one final - "goodbye roof". At this rate, soon, like about B. Akunin, about Minaev will begin to compose jokes - "… stopped printing books and decided to just print money." Your colleague Kolyshevsky finishes his works more humanely.

Power. The topic has not been disclosed. A little flirting and not a word of criticism. Long live the policy of P.!

Dewars. Got enough … Yes, we already understood that this is the general sponsor of all Minaev's work!

What we liked

Main line. How we create office slavery for ourselves - we do not what we want for the sake of status, the opinions of others and everyday life, and then we blame the companies for this. About idleness at work, opportunism and theft. About the methods of big business - "so what, what stinks … you were not taught at the training to push it to an illiterate trader?" "They cut 4 storekeepers and won 40 thousand a year, they didn’t cut the mobile communication costs of several top managers in the amount of 90 thousand a year." I liked the development of the topic of globalization, where a person is primarily a buyer / consumer, and not a person, so any method of "vparivanie" will do.

Revolutionary plan. Minaev noted well that the revolution in Moscow would be quickly suppressed - they would simply filter out the Internet and charge the media with the necessary propaganda. Only the regions are able to hold out longer - it is there that live communication and the transfer of information by word of mouth have survived. It was there that they did not believe in the class enemy indicated by the media and quickly seized the initiative, dragging power to their side. I liked the remark of one of the heroes - "you would not start with the pogroms of jewelry and distillery stores, but with the seizure of a telegraph telephone, revolutionaries are crap."

A parody of TV programs and their audience. A good example from the show "public toilet".

Perhaps I was superficial … but I will try to develop my insight and ability to analyze more deeply and notice interesting things over time:)

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