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Little Pina Colada In The Country - Intermod.Ru
Little Pina Colada In The Country - Intermod.Ru

Video: Little Pina Colada In The Country - Intermod.Ru

Video: Little Pina Colada In The Country - Intermod.Ru
Video: Nara - Pina Colada(Премьера трека 2019) 2023, March

A cocktail with delicious ingredients, one list makes you salivate!

The classic recipe found on the Internet contained coconut cream that could not even be found in the ABC of Taste. But I found many recipes on how to make a cream from coconut flakes. But we will not go in the direction of increasing the complexity of the process. The coconut cream in my experimental version has been replaced with coconut liqueur.

What we need:

  1. White rum, you can Bacardi
  2. Any coconut liqueur (500-700 rubles per 0.75 ml)
  3. Pineapple juice
  4. Ice. I liked using ready-made ice packs - no need to pick it out from plastic molds
  5. Shaker
  6. Glass and straw
  7. Good company:)

Pour one part of rum, one part of liquor, 2 parts of juice into a shaker (3 parts can be used if we want to lower the degree), 4-5 pieces of ice. We close and shake vigorously together with the shaker until it is covered with frost and it is already "very cold" to hold it. Add 2-3 pieces of ice to the prepared glasses and pour the mixture prepared in a shaker into it. We do not remove the ice from the shaker; "fresh" ice is added to the glass. One serving 100-150 ml.

Well, very tasty and beautiful!

Comrades, excessive alcohol consumption threatens a headache in the morning!


Tried this cocktail at the bar. So to speak - for the sake of experiment. And … I was satisfied with myself, tk. my PinColad is many times tastier !!! The bar added a lot of cream on top which made the drink warm. The abundance of cream drowned out the noble notes of pineapple, coconut and white rum. Bar in the cinema shopping center Matrix. But they have very tasty ice cream with the same name. Delivered to bars ready-made, could not spoil:))

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