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Video: Terminator Without Terminator - Intermod.Ru

Despite the negative reviews from critics, including the very meticulous Dmitry Puchkov, I still got to the fourth part of the Terminator: "May the savior come." I am very loyal to any film if it is interesting to watch and the plot "does not let go" until the final shot. Sometimes, when watching a film, it is boring, but the director skillfully leads to the finale, after which a long aftertaste remains (Inhabited Island - Skirmish). There was neither one nor the other in Terminator.

A very "ragged" scenario, the inability to understand the causal relationship and understand the plot. Perhaps for these reasons, Cameron (the director of the first Terminators) and Schwarzenegger dropped out of Terminator. The latter was sorely lacking in the film. Arnold was the trademark of the terminators. Moreover, he did not have to shine with deep acting and complex tricks. Just be in the frame. It was somehow calmer with him. Maybe that's why I got a negative impression of the film … and I, a lover of "perception in general", began to dig into the details.


Why was it at the beginning of the film to get super weapons against machines, in order to forget about it by the end of the film.

Skynet has very primitive turntables. In the third Terminator, they were clean and well-designed. And then, as if they took the props from "Kin-dza-dza". Some of the ideas of robots were already in Transformers.

Like the main character, the bio-terminator, could have a heart if there was no circulatory system. Like in a cartoon, it just lay inside the metal rods.

Sony Vaio - respect. Hacking a super system on a Sony laptop!

In the air battle 2 x 2, people lost to the cars, but nevertheless, they landed at the skynet base, evacuated people and, for the sake of neighing, flying away, blew up the production. Those. throughout the film, the picture of the realism of the plot did not develop.

The main character walks through destroyed Los Angeles. In our Soviet films about the war, the backdrop was better glued. The hero has a 2-dimensional background, it is clear that this is a fake.

My advice is to watch, but at home, on DVD or download a little later from the Internet.

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