Features Of National Fitness. Part Three - Intermod.Ru

Features Of National Fitness. Part Three - Intermod.Ru
Features Of National Fitness. Part Three - Intermod.Ru

Video: Features Of National Fitness. Part Three - Intermod.Ru

Video: Features Of National Fitness. Part Three - Intermod.Ru
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Let's talk about the main thing - about training, about the main directions in them and about the choice of the path to the body of the SEXY class. As I wrote in a previous post about sports, there is no right recipe in the form of a set of actions that will lead you to a beautiful figure. If you decide to get sick with sports, then the main thing is to believe that your actions are correct, that you have chosen the right program, the right coach, the right dealer (more on nutrition later). As soon as doubts begin to visit you, training motivation drops sharply and everything goes to hell.

If suddenly a question comes to you (and I would definitely visit), what did I suddenly start about sports? I want to briefly tell my sports story. I was a rather small and fragile young man who was fond of computers, a little music (and not playing wind instruments), mathematics and everything that implies a sedentary lifestyle. I “served” the army in graduate school, received a military specialty from the category of engineering tankers at the institute, took the oath and received a “junior lieutenant”. Genetics also did not dispose my body to grow in breadth, as a result of which I got a sunken chest, curvature of the spine, with a height of 175 cm, I weighed 60 kg. I missed the optimal period of life for playing sports from 14 to 25 years old, spending on getting a specialty and doing all kinds of nonsense. Gradually, having mastered the basic skills of earning kopecks, I came to a fitness club, where the cost of an annual subscription was equal to my monthly income. For 3 years of training (a total of 2 years of training), I gained 20 kg of "meat", from 46 sizes I went to 50-52, who is interested - I squatted 150 kg, pressed 120 kg, lifted 170 kg (power triathlon exercises). Now other problems have arisen in my life, and, to my greatest regret, I do not go to the gym, for which I often scold myself. Briefly about myself, I will turn to sports observations.

As a rule, the goal of training is to acquire a more attractive athletic form. Tighten, pump up, subtract, add … Very rarely, but still it happens that we set ourselves the task of acquiring a super body (see the photo at the beginning of the material). As a rule, such a task arises due to some complexes or psychological trauma, very rarely - due to the needs of the environment, even less often - the choice of a power sport as a way of life, very few people like the feeling of muscle tone and pain. There is an opinion that it is possible to achieve great success in the coordination of body restructuring up to the age of 23, when there is still a genetic and hormonal resource for growth. After 25 years, you can only correct the body, to achieve super results you will have to sacrifice kidneys, heart, blood vessels (the consequences of interference with the hormonal system, i.e. steroids). Also,in big sports, you will have to change the value system, your main purpose in life will be to eat every 2 hours of healthy food with the right proportions of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and not miss your morning and evening workouts. Do you need it?

If you still need it, then it is better to join the sports community of like-minded people. My advice for amateurs with a different value system.

Continuing the theme "Fitness for obese dummies". There are 3 types of exercise - cardio, aerobic, power.

Moreover, 1 and 2 differ insignificantly, 1 is monotonous 2. If you still do not understand anything, I will tell you in more detail.


It was a great discovery for me when I learned that running is an exercise not on the legs, but on the heart. Monotonous exercise along with proper breathing is a serious pumping of the cardiovascular system. If you are the owner of a "luxurious" one hundred kilogram body, then before jogging, it is better for you to consult a doctor. The heart may not cope with pumping and break. In the cardio zone of the fitness center, there are many cardio equipment - treadmills, bicycles, rowing, stepper, skiing and other methods of imitating monotonous physical activity. Each cardio simulator has a second task, work on problem areas and muscle pumping. This is how they differ from each other. My favorite was running on the treadmill. Of course, running outdoors has a distinct advantage in the form of more oxygen,but for the treadmill, I chose the following strengths for myself:

  • Always good weather
  • Safe (dog, of course, man's friend … but still)
  • Manual adjustment of speed and incline, the presence of measurements that allow you to keep track of your progress (heart rate, speed, distance, calories, etc.)
  • Technical tricks to distract yourself from fatigue and run more (TV or music)

If you want to "warm up" before strength training, then 5-7 minutes of running is enough, for more serious pumping of the heart or weight loss, you need to spend at least 30 minutes on the treadmill. But what prospects will open before you if you love running … Within 2 weeks you will notice that you have become comfortable breathing. Yes, yes, it is everyday breathing that will become a pleasant process, as if your pipes were cleared. You go up to the 2nd floor - the breathing rhythm (pulse) does not change, you catch up with the bus - and already inside you are happy like a child - after all, your breathing has not gone astray! Also, your sexual stamina will increase. You can be more active and longer:). Naturally, we are talking about people who are indifferent to tobacco.

If you are not a cottage owner, I would like to warn you regarding buying a treadmill home. They are very noisy and due to the fact that the track is on the floor, all neighbors will be forced participants in your run. Also, normal stable (!) Tracks cost from 50 thousand rubles.


Or a rocking chair, as guests like to call it. I hope you have chosen a good coach and there is a friendly atmosphere in your gym. Working with iron serves to increase muscle mass. Moreover, muscles, paradoxically, grow at night, and in the gym you tear them. Yes, yes, "pumping a muscle" means loading it in such a way that some of the muscle fibers break. Therefore, the most productive are repetitions of exercises on the verge of "kill, but not lift". Torn muscle fibers "overgrow" overnight, and after 2 days you do not feel any discomfort. But, at the same time, the muscle became a little larger. With the use of steroids, the period of complete healing is reduced from 48 hours to 12. But, as I wrote above, this will have to be paid dearly. In the first 6-9 months of strength training, the progress is so noticeable thatthat you can visually observe it every week. After 12 months, the body (bastard) gets used to the stress and already has to study sports science "how to deceive the body without harm to health." One such technique, as an example, is cycling - you give yourself 2-3 weeks of rest from training, and then gradually merge into the sports rhythm, increasing the load.

Another sports discovery for me is that in order for the banks (biceps) to grow, you need to squat! Those. the body is designed in such a way that it is impossible to separately pump a small muscle group. Although you pump your biceps every day, it will grow a little and stop. The so-called basic exercises - squats, bench press and deadlift (lifting a large weight from the floor to the level of the thigh) - greatly contribute to the muscle growth of the body. These exercises use the maximum number of muscles, including large and very sore muscles.thigh muscles, deltoid back muscles, etc. If the bench press is considered less traumatic (and it is also a favorite exercise for men, because it grows chest, shoulders and triceps), then squatting and deadlift should be learned with a trainer. One awkward movement and you can get a very serious injury (I "caught" a ligament sprain, I walked "vraskoryachku" for 2 months). But … as often happens in life - dangerous, but effective. Fall in love with squats and the speed of formation of a sports figure will be much faster. You can squat from the age of 18, because it is believed that squatting stops growth. After squats, many hang on the horizontal bar in order to relax the spine and remove possible clamps. Basic exercises (except for the bench press) can be seriously practiced after 6 months of training,to avoid injury (tearing or stretching the ligament is very unpleasant).

I will dispel another myth … Cubes on the stomach, especially if there are 6 of them, can be increased by shaking the press. Lies! Cubes are one third of the abs and two thirds of the diet. You can burn "leg" deposits on the sides and a soft (fluffy) tummy only with a diet! But very often, in my practice, the presence of cubes was accompanied by the intake of steroids and local fat burners (take a syringe with a magic liquid and inject it into the problem area). Again, the cost is very high. Therefore, I immediately left the cubes alone and tried to love the basic exercises:)

And one more myth. If you see a beautifully pumped up body in the gym or dressing room, and the pumping rate is slightly higher than that of Hugh Jackman, do not get fooled by stories about a healthy lifestyle, natural proteins and healthy food, "go to bed at 22.00", do not drink alcohol. In 95% of cases, having got to know each other better, in half a year you will significantly expand your horizons in the field of chemistry and biology.

By the way, about alcohol. There is a theory that alcohol destroys protein, the building blocks of muscle. The theory is correct, but not enough to give up a glass of wine or 0.33 of your favorite beer. If you combine sports with active (!) Consumption of alcohol, then you give a very heavy load on the heart. Actually, after drinking, during training, you will feel it and will be able to intuitively understand what is good and what is not.


It's like cardio, but with a mixed pace - soccer, swimming, water polo, dancing, etc. Besides weight loss, it is also a good exercise for muscle flexibility. Power loads tightly clamp the muscles. Well, and a great way to chat and unwind from everyday worries, make new acquaintances, and relax.

I hope I prepared you a little for the beginning of a new life … well, or made you think about the existence of such.

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