Sphinxes - Who Are They ?! - Intermod.Ru

Sphinxes - Who Are They ?! - Intermod.Ru
Sphinxes - Who Are They ?! - Intermod.Ru

Video: Sphinxes - Who Are They ?! - Intermod.Ru

Video: Sphinxes - Who Are They ?! - Intermod.Ru
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I want to share my online findings about the Canadian Sphynx cat breed ! In matters of "botany" I am not strong, so my findings are for the same "nerds" like me. Just interesting facts. If you are interested in my discoveries and want to know in more detail - contact the professionals, of whom Yandex gives out a huge variety of the word "Canadian Sphinx"

  1. The breed has nothing to do with Egypt, pharaohs, tombs, mummies and … sphinxes. The cats got their name due to their external similarity.
  2. The first Canadian sphinxes appeared in 1966, it is easy to assume that in Canada (Ontario). It's just that the cat accidentally (!) Gave birth to a bald kitten. The two-legged liked the result so much that they decided to develop the theme - to correct the external features of the cats to their ideas of beauty. There are earlier mentions of hairless cats in the stories, but, as a stable independent breed, such as an elephant or a giraffe, a hairless cat does not exist.
  3. As it seemed to me, in the course of experiments with appearance, people discovered (fortunately) bald people have a "non-feline" character. In contrast to the prevailing stereotype of a cat "by itself", sphinxes cannot live without communication and society of people. They are affectionate, trainable, loyal, sometimes they say something in their feline dialect.
  4. Stand 300-1500 $, depending on the pedigree and compliance with standards of the breed.
  5. They write that they are catching mice. But somehow not convincing.
  6. They do not cause allergies. But … to be on the safe side, it is recommended either to take a "test drive" (to be with the cat in an unventilated room), or to make samples from an allergist, because an allergy to animals may not be caused by wool, but by saliva or something else.
  7. "Unpretentious in food" - this is not about the sphinxes! You will cook the murzik separately, learn the name of "good" feed and vitamins, the right stores, doctors and join the secret brotherhood of bald owners! If you do not follow the rules of operation … The Murzik will grow hair, runny eyes, wither and die.
  8. "Unpretentious in everyday life" - also not about the sphinxes. Sheets (!) Change more often than in your own bed, wash specials. means almost every other day, manicure - pedicure, vaccinations, houses, pads, pyramids for claws, etc.

All in all, full of fashion! But … they say if you pick up a Sphynx kitten, then this is love for life. Don't pick up sphinxes if you don't want to get hooked on addiction:)

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