New System Professional Tools With EnergyCode Complex - Best Hair Care

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New System Professional Tools With EnergyCode Complex - Best Hair Care
New System Professional Tools With EnergyCode Complex - Best Hair Care
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These products re-energize and transform hair;

hair looks healthier, it returns

to its natural, original state, becomes more manageable

and easier to style

System Professional is the industry leader in scientific research in the field of hair care, and today its scientists, in collaboration with leading stylists, have managed to unravel the mystery of how to re-energize and transform hair. This is made possible by a revolutionary discovery: each person's hair has an energy profile that is as unique as a fingerprint, and hair can be visibly transformed with the revolutionary new ENERGYCODE ™ COMPLEX.

This breakthrough in hair care science has led to an innovative and completely new range of salon treatments and products - the System Professional brand with ENERGYCODE ™ COMPLEX, which will be available in select salons from October 2016

“Although keratin is the main building block of hair, recent studies have shown that lipids act as an elastic 'cementing agent' that connects keratin 'bricks'. Maintaining the correct level of keratin and lipids in the hair is the main factor in determining whether hair is smooth or matted, shiny or dull, lifeless or full of energy,” explains Dr. Ramon Grimalt, professor at the Department of Dermatology at the University of Barcelona.


So what does Hair Energy look like?

“Hair with the right energy level is manageable, easy to style, glossy and shiny and easy to comb - it doesn't look flaccid, lifeless or dull, it radiates youth and vitality,” says Maria Castan, senior researcher at System Professional.

HAIR ENERGY DETERMINATION from System Professional

The first step towards restoring "hair energy" is diagnostics and determination of the unique energy profile of the hair of a particular person in the salon using the brand's new mapping-diagnostics. The brand's experts have also developed various tools for conducting salon diagnostics, such as a mobile application for iPhone / Android and its paper counterpart, a microscope camera and, of course, express diagnostics on the brand's website for conducting an initial analysis of the hair condition at home.

After the diagnosis has been carried out and the energy profile of the human hair has been determined, a personalized system of procedures and products of the System Professional brand with the ENERGYCODE ™ COMPLEX can be prescribed, selected from more than 174 million possible combinations of products.

Inspired by the phenomenon of molecular skin care, scientists have developed a unique EnergyCode complex, which is a proprietary combination of five naturally occurring active lipids and other active ingredients. The complex restores the energy of the hair, making it strong and manageable, as if it were in its natural, pristine state.



VITAMIN B AMIDE - A multipurpose widely used ingredient in skin care products that maintains moisture balance in the scalp.

CAFFEINE - Increases blood circulation in the scalp.

HISTIDINE - Rebuilds the hair's natural protein structure and protects it from free radical damage. Copper particles present in water lead to the formation of free radicals. These free radicals can be activated when hair is dyed or when hair is exposed to ultraviolet rays. These reactive molecules ultimately cause hair damage, color loss and discoloration, and a decrease in brightness. HISTIDINE penetrates and protects hair by enveloping the hair surface and removing copper particles.

NATURAL LIPIDS Two natural lipids, glyceryl monooleate and butyric acid, help maintain the structural integrity of the hair. Hair lipids act as a "cementing agent" that binds keratin molecules together. Lipids are very important for the entire hair structure and we need to restore them in order to maintain the structural integrity of the hair. These lipids, which are identical to natural ones, replenish the internal stores of lipids present in the hair, thereby reducing the loss of proteins, making the hair firmer and easier to comb.

The new System Professional brand experiences with ENERGYCODE ™ COMPLEX are truly unique and luxurious salon services, which include the entire range of brand products - from express products and intensive cares to finishing products. The luxurious rituals that accompany the treatment and indulge your desires cater to all your unique hair care needs. The fragrances of the brand's collections are united by a single base note that gives a sense of luxury and presents a modern mix of classic flowers and spices. The base note is always complemented and emphasized by a special accent that tells the story and reveals the essence of each of the brand's collections, allowing you to create a truly individual scent for each of your customers.

A portfolio of new procedures and products for home use, as well as mapping diagnostics, which allows you to determine the unique EnergyCode of each person, will be available in authorized partner salons from October 2016.

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