Annual Meeting Of Prestige Club Took Place In Moscow - Best Hair Care

Annual Meeting Of Prestige Club Took Place In Moscow - Best Hair Care
Annual Meeting Of Prestige Club Took Place In Moscow - Best Hair Care
Video: Annual Meeting Of Prestige Club Took Place In Moscow - Best Hair Care
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The Prestige Club meeting, which took place in the Moscow international studio Wella, traditionally consisted of two parts: the official one, within which the business intensive was held, and the solemn one. Speeches by invited speakers, shows from brands-members of the Prestige Club community, presentation of a new selective brand of hair care System Professional, awarding of hairdressing business owners and stylists for their contribution to the life of the elite club - all this awaited the participants of the meeting.

The audience was delighted to be greeted by Michael Schultz, head of the Russian division of Wella. He noted the importance of fruitful cooperation with the best salons in Russia and their teams of stylists.

The business intensive began with a speech by Tatiana Usenkova, Marketing Director of Well, who spoke about the importance of proper employee motivation and communication with personnel.

The specially invited experts were:

  • Arsen Ryabukha is one of the most demanded business trainers in Russia, a trainer at Business Relations. Arsen spoke about personnel management through company values, the importance of a common understanding of common goals and values, giving examples from life.
  • Elena Geevskaya and Olga Geevskaya are the general director and art director of the Art beauty holding. Elena and Olga talked about ways to motivate employees of a beauty salon, sharing examples from their own practice.
  • Galima Akhmadullina - the founder of the recruiting company GalimHR - shared information about the non-material motivation of employees, answering the current question: “Non-material motivation - what is it? Love or marriage contract? "

Вторая, торжественная часть мероприятия была открыта смелым, дерзким шоу-показом Sebastian Professional. В рамках вечера стилисты Urban Design Team Russiпродемонстрировали гостям новую коллекцию Eclectic осень-зима 2016/2017 - 9 ярких укладок, в которых стилистам удалось совместить несовместимое: в украшения для волос превратились зажимы, пряжки, фурнитура от заколок, кожаные ленты, булавки и многое другое.

When creating images, stylists used transferable tattoos as elements of body art. The tattoo designs were created by renowned tattoo artist Maxim Bushi, who studied the history and properties of Sebastian Professional's iconic products and developed six unique tattoo designs. By the way, they were used not only on models, but also on collectible gift boxes of the following products: new Sublimate finish cream, Shaper Fierce varnish, Craft Clay matting clay, Volupt Spray volume spray gel, Potion9 styling care and Drynamic + dry shampoo … These and other cult products became "protagonists" in the preparation of images for the show.

Welcoming speeches were made by Tatiana Usenkova, Marketing Director of Well, and Vadim Belov, Head of Vocational Training Department, who traditionally became the hosts of the evening: “Every year the requirements for beauty are becoming more and more, it cannot be sufficiently integral without deep meaning and values ​​embedded in it. Both brands, System Professional and Sebastian Professional, have always been and are more than just a pretty picture."

System Professional brand manager Elena Nedorezova, speaking to the guests, spoke in detail about the launch of the new brand. System Professional is a guide to the world of luxury hair care, in which the main thing is a personalized approach that allows you to turn all expectations into reality.

The secret of the new System Professional formulas is the patented EnergyCode complex, which is necessary to maintain the individual energy profile of each client's hair. It is as unique as a fingerprint and is one of the main criteria for determining the quality and health of hair. Information about the energy profile of the hair, obtained as a result of the System Professional diagnostics, helps to choose for the client one unique combination of products that he needs for hair care, out of 174 million possible options. A personalized approach to the selection of hair care is a path that brings you closer to absolute, perfect beauty.

The wide range of hair care products, each of which contains an EnergyCode complex, is divided into 4 main groups:

  • Scalp products - Derma;
  • Hair structure products - Fibra;
  • Hair Texture Products - Forma;
  • Salon care products - Extra.

Each collection of products has its own scent, which merge into a harmonious composition when combining products, revealing the essence and emotions of the collections.

The new System Professional brand is about impeccable service, attention to each client, cutting-edge scientific thought and premium aesthetic embodiment.

A truly bright and memorable part of the evening was the catwalk show, which embodied new pages in the history of System Professional. The team of experts reflected the strict laconicism of the brand, refined chic and versatility of character in the images of the show. Luxurious curls, sleek, shiny tails, stylish braids, an eclectic mix of urban chic and classic luxury - all of this illustrated the philosophy of the new brand. Nikolay Ovechkin was the fashion stylist of the show. Unique images from the side of System Professional were created by a team of stylists: Olga Pyankova, Elena Titova, Diana Simonyan, Roman Lazarev, Oksana Mokryanskaya, Elena Pavlova and Marina Cherkasova.

The images for the Sebastian Professional show were created by Andrey Bryzgalov, Zoran Radich, Roman Kondratov, Regina Profiri, Rufad Akhundov, Maya Pak, Linda Benhaldi and Ekaterina Shepeleva.

The final part of the evening was the awarding ceremony for members of the elite Prestige Club community. The first award was dedicated to newcomers, because starting a business and finding a team is a big step. The winner in the nomination "Debut of the Year" recognized Color Bar ColBVasiliya Mikhailova (Moscow). The prize-winner was awarded by the PR manager of the company Well Ekaterina Stavenkova. In the "Only Forward" nomination, the Elegant beauty salon (Tver), the Aida beauty salon network (Moscow) and the Olga De Luxe beauty salon network (Murmansk) were awarded; they were awarded by the head of the department for work with key clients of the company Well Victoria Safronova and the regional sales leader (West region) Yulia Maleotkina. Prizes for winning a nomination"Avangard" men's beauty salon Just Men (Tomsk) and the art studio of beauty Elena Pavlova (Kaliningrad) received from the head of vocational training of the Premium category Irina Gareeva and the head of vocational training of prestigious brands Yaz Aisberg. In 2015, a new nomination “Team of the Year” appeared in the Prestige Club, emphasizing the importance of the cohesion of a team of like-minded people. The "Team of the Year" was the stylists of the beauty salon "Ksenia" (Dzerzhinsk), the stylists of the beauty-holding "Art" (Irkutsk), as well as the team of masters from Vitaly Pavlov's studio (Kazan).The awards were presented to the winners by the head of regional sales (region Center) Alla Arefieva and the head of regional sales (region Ural and South) Grigory Panyak. And in the category "Breakthrough of the Year" the winners were the Pushkinsky Beauty Institute (Nizhny Novgorod) and the Beauty Space Spa (Novosibirsk). The awards were presented to the winners by representatives of Well - the regional sales leader Olga Budakova and the head of the sales department (East region) Andrey Gordeev. Three more winners were announced in the Breakthrough of the Year nomination: the MONE beauty salon chain (Moscow), the OL beauty center (St. Petersburg), and the Lady Anna Beauty Institute (Voronezh), The awards were presented by Vadim Belov, Head of Vocational Training at Well, and Yulia Pushkareva, Head of Regional Sales at Well in Russia.


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