Jean-Paul Gaultier Confessed His Love To Russia

Jean-Paul Gaultier Confessed His Love To Russia
Jean-Paul Gaultier Confessed His Love To Russia
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The day before, a press conference with the famous French designer Jean-Paul Gaultier was held in the GUM showroom, dedicated to the upcoming show of haute couture collections, which will take place on the evening of May 14 at the Kazansky railway station.

As part of the 10th anniversary festival "Chereshnevy Les", his collection of haute couture spring-summer 2010, inspired by Mexico, will be shown at the Kazansky railway station.

“I had a long-standing dream of doing a show in the Gare de Lyon building,” Gaultier told reporters at a press conference, “but this did not work out for various reasons. And gradually I gave up this idea, and suddenly my dream comes true in Moscow."

Kazansky railway station was not chosen by chance to show the collection. According to the head of the Chereshnevy Les festival, Mikhail Kusnirovich, the organizers tried to fulfill one of the main requirements of the couturier: the place for the defile should be original and convenient for the audience to perceive the show. Kazansky railway station itself is a special place, one might say, iconic. This is one of the oldest railway stations in Moscow, built in 1862-1864 and rebuilt by the architect Shchusev at the beginning of the 20th century.

As the couturier admitted, he saw the station building itself only in photographs, and he made a strong impression on him. “I can say that this is the most beautiful railway station in Moscow. The train station is a symbol of travel, he added. "And my collection is also a kind of journey."

Jean-Paul Gaultier answered many questions from journalists. Including what inspires him, what he likes about Russian fashion and what else he can use in his collection. Russia more than once inspired Gauthier to new achievements, and not only the history and culture of Russia, but also people became the source of inspiration. “I really like the way Russian people wear clothes,” said the couturier, “for example, the way some people here wear jackets, casually, in a hussar style, throwing them over their shoulders. Moreover, it can be both men and women."

To the question “What thing will never become obsolete”, the couturier replied: “Firstly, you can never classify something creative, the idea itself, or creativity as outdated. If we talk about clothes, then this is something creative, avant-garde - it can go to the classics section. For example - jeans or bodices, which used to be a part of underwear and were worn under clothes. If we turn to Russian folklore traditions, then they have not gone anywhere. Russian women's shirts came back to us in the 70s. Folk traditions don't go anywhere. They can be seen everywhere. But this does not mean that you do not need to buy modern things. They can be combined."

Five years ago, the master of French fashion already came to Moscow. In 2005, a boutique of the Gaultier brand was opened in Petrovsky Passage. Even on his first visit, Gauthier was, in his own words, conquered by Russia, but now he is amazed at how quickly everything has changed.

“Today's Russia,” he says, “is a very young and, if I may say so, fresh nation, while preserving ancient traditions. Russia is opening up more and more to the world, I even got the impression that Old Europe will soon become a "satellite" of Russia."

Jean-Paul Gaultier is one of the few modern fashion designers who have not received a special education. In his youth, he sent his sketches to leading designers in Paris, and at 18 he was hired by Pierre Cardin Fashion House, and only then opened his own clothing line. Among his "star" clients are Madonna, Marilyn Manson, Mylene Farmer, Uma Thurman and many others.

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